5 Things to do before you get married

Take dance lessons

I don’t care if you’re white or have no rhythm, find a place that teaches swing dance, two step, or waltz whichever matches your first dance songs style. It will be worth it! If you look enough you may find a place with a small entry fee of a few dollars that teaches dance lessons before an open dance floor time. This can be really fun because it doubles as a date and a chance to learn some impressive and fun moves to surprise everyone with at your wedding. Don’t be lazy and do the awkward middle school dance for your first dance as a married couple. If you really want to be creative choreograph it! If you’re in the New Braunfels to San Antonio area look up Two Ton Tuesdays in the summer, Sams Burger Joint dance nights, and the San Antonio Swing Dance Society for more information.

Go on a date with your spouses parents

Well I guess it’s not technically a date but plan a dinner outing with your spouses parents – think of some fun and normal things to talk about so it won’t be awkward but this can really help break the ice if you haven’t already. They are going to be your new family so you better be close to them! If you’re already super close to them, that’s great it, will be an extra fun night! Talk about your spouses childhood, funny and embarrassing moments, and let them ask questions about you and how the two of you met.

Start a marriage journal early

Get a nice quality journal from an office or book store and start writing right away! Start with how you two met, include as much details, dates, and locations as possible! You’ll want to read this in 5, 25, and 50 years later. Include dates of your firsts – first meeting, first date, first hand holding, first kiss. Write about the planning of the wedding, the excitement, stress, and anxiety. Keep it going after the wedding day and write major events every month or so. Write the good times and blessings as well as the struggles, this can help encourage you when you’re in a tough time or give you a good laugh an remind you how far you’ve come. Your journals┬ácan become a priceless item in your family that brings laughter and smiles for generations to come as you recall all those special details and emotions that fade away in our memories as time goes on.

Do a boudoir shoot for him

Ladies find a skilled and experienced female photographer who you’re comfortable with and take some fun, intimate pictures. Keep them safe and secret then after the wedding day surprise him with a picture every week in some creative way. make sure you have a contract with the photographer you choose that details what that photographer does with your images so that they don’t get anywhere you don’t want them to be.

Take engagement pictures

Though it may just be seen as an extra expense, having quality portraits of you and your loved one dressed up, or dressed down in casual clothes is not only great to have for years to come but they can serve many useful purposes. You can use the images in save the dates or invites. You can print the images or make a small photobook to display at your guest sign in table at the wedding. You can print an image with lots of margin space and have your guests sign in that blank space then frame it and hang it at your home. You can also use your favorite images to decorate your new home with. Lastly you can use them in thank you cards to mail to family and or guests.

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