Angel and Kyson’s Star Wars Engagement Story

I met Angel through a friend on facebook who had seen some CGI lightsabers I modeled for a wedding in 2013. She said her fiance would love them and when I jokingly mentioned I had been dreaming of doing a Star Wars engagement session they jumped right on board! So after a few months of planning, sketching, and gathering costumes we met on a ridiculously hot evening of June hoping for the best. I’ve seen a few light saber pictures of bride and groom or a couple but they often appeared to be fighting (or vadering) each other! To me this just didn’t make sense so I wanted to do something new that meant something. I thought to myself “Why not put the couple on the same side battling against a common foe with some romance involved and a happy ending?” And then one of us suggested making a mini comic book out of it. I got my close friends Ian and Tara (who’s modeled for me twice previously) and they said they’d love to help and be my bad guys (and that they wouldn’t mind dying horrific light saber deaths). Tara did an amazing job with the alien face paint on both of them.

There was a ton of post processing involved in this shoot since each of the light sabers had to be rendered and composited in to the image along with other things like flares, sparks, blades, and shadows. Luckily Kyson found a great imitation DL-44 which made my job easier but I still added a barrel hole and scope glass to it. Angel and Kyson were so patient as I worked through each image and could not wait for the next sneak peak. We are so happy with the end result!

To see a behind the scenes video of the special effects and photoshoot click here.
Here are the portraits

Here is the comic strip

Perkins Engagement Story Perkins Engagement Story Perkins Engagement Story Perkins Engagement Story

And here are some individual shots from the fight sequence

These are some of the sketched plans for the fight scene.

Perkins Engagement Story Perkins Engagement Story


4 thoughts on “Angel and Kyson’s Star Wars Engagement Story

  1. Why not shoot this in a cinematic fashion? The photos are not really that great. Think ppl are just riding the buzz of the upcoming Star Wars film.

    1. Thanks for viewing and taking the time to comment. When I did this shoot I was new to using OCF, still perfecting it to get that cinematic look, assuming we are talking about the same thing. And despite buzz Star Wars is timelessly awesome!

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