At your wedding do not forget to…

Eat food!

Rice Wedding-428Make sure you go first in line or have your maid of honor and best man get you a huge plate (or two) of food and eat as soon as you can because as the ceremony goes on you’ll get busier and busies with greeting guests, being greeted by guests, ceremony traditions, dances etc. You don’t want to leave your wedding heading to your honeymoon with an empty stomach! Trust me, you’ll need the energy…




Look at each other

Make a conscious decision to decide on how you want to stand for which parts of the ceremony and communicate this with your officiant. They may also have predetermined ways for you to stand at each part of the ceremony. One thing I’ve seen too much of is the couple standing facing each other but their heads turned toward the officiant for 30 minutes (ouch!) and never looking at each other! Make sure to take a break from it all and look at your spouse, your memories will thank you years to come! Remember this throughout the day – when you dance, when you laugh, and even when you stuff your face.

Have napkins + plate for the cake cutting

In your excitement your guests and photographer gather around you and your spouse at the cake table, you get the ok to cut the cake but wait – there’s no where to put it! Or, after you eat it you can’t touch anything because you have cake on your fingers and you have to wrangle someone to run and get you some napkins.



Recruit bustle…rsMcMath wedding-360

If your dress requires bustling make sure you work out when, where, and who will be bustling the dress before you walk in to the reception for your grand entrance! Your guests have already been waiting for 30 minutes to an hour for your pictures to be done and now they want to see you. Make sure your bridesmaids and maybe even your groom / groomsmen know how to work your dress right and that the girls nails are not so bedazzled that they’d be restyling your dress as they snag and get caught in the material.

Plan a kids table

McMath Wedding-499_blog
Keep the kids busy at a table of their own with arts, crafts, free drawing, and snacks! This keeps them from being bored to death by all that lame adult stuff, and it also allows the parents to rest assured that their kids are safe and not up to no good.



Get dancing flatsRamirez Wedding (5)

Lets face it – heels were made to torture womens feet while convincing them they are required to look good (what a vicious cycle). Get some comfortable shoes that will not only give your feet a break during the ceremony but also allow you do get down on the dance floor. But keep your heels ready for special occasions such as extra portraits or garter removal.


Have a just-in-case bag

Jean and Marie Wedding-114As the bride you’ll probably be moving around a bit on your wedding day – hair, makeup, dressing, going to the venue, lunch, getting the venue decorated, hair and makeup touchup etc. Have with you a light weight bag with the odds and ends that you’ll need throughout the day:
Deodorant + perfume • Hair spray and clips • Tweezers • Razors • Scissors •Bottled water • Granola bar • Comb / brush • Breath mints • Lipstick + straw • Wipes + tissues


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