Triple graduate session at Texas State!

I got the honor of photographing these lovely ladies at Texas State University recently!

Maielin and Ricky’s family session

There’s nothing like seeing your high school friends grow up, start a career and a family. I had the honor of making these amazing portraits for my old friend Maielin!…

Cassy and Charles’s wedding

This lovely couple was so easy to photograph! They were laid back and in love. What more can a photographer ask for?

Keelie’s 2019 portrait update

2 Years ago I photographed my wifes sister, Keelie. She visited again for her birthday this week so I knew we had to setup a portrait shoot! I’m so glad…

Arielle’s purple hair session

Because “Just because” is a perfectly fine reason for a photoshoot! My favorite color is purple (of course!) and when I saw Arielle’s new hair color I thought to myself…

Noelle’s Fresh 48 session

I got the pleasure of photographing my friends new baby Noelle during her first 48 hours of life outside the womb!

Major Bowman’s promotion ceremony

I got the honor of photographing Major Bowman’s lovely promotion ceremony. This is my first military event to cover and I was surprised to find that it was personal, touching,…

IKEA’s first photoshoot with Yerah

Well I did it. I got permission and did a photoshoot inside IKEA. Because, why not?

PAX South 2019

PAX South was a blast and it was an honor photographing all of these talented individuals. I hope you enjoy these and if you do why not share this page…

Paige’s urban fashion photoshoot

TJ and Shakari’s wedding at Sunset Station

TJ and Shakari’s classy (with a touch of baseball) wedding at the beautiful Sunset Station venue in San Antonio, Texas.

Oriarte sisters

It has been over 10 years since the Oriarte sisters had official photos done so I got the pleasure of fixing that!

60 Second Docs featured me!

Late in 2017 I got an email from “60 Second Docs” saying they wanted to do a video about me and creative photography! I of course obliged being that this…

The Gunn family’s Wild West portaits

This is the 3rd year the Gunn family has hired me to create something amazing for their Christmas cards and it just keeps getting better!

Medieval Star Wars

Because why not? Cass and Stephanie once again pull off an amazing Star Wars photoshoot. This time they got to mix their rennaissane festival gear with their Star Wars costumes.

Grandma Camille’s birthday portraits!

I got the honor of photographing my amazing grandmother in love (formerly known as in law) and they came out beautiful! You’re never too old for a photoshoot and everyone…

Shootcrew’s Elves and Magic photoshoot

Shootcrew in Universal City is an open community of photographers from all levels of experience that just love photography. They schedule a creative, themed shoot every month and my idea…

Viking Women

Inspired by a viral video I saw of 4 women who did a Wonder Woman inspired “Amazonian warrior” photoshoot just for the fun of it – I thought to myself…

The Gunn’s anniversary session at the Pearl

The Gunn family have become dear friends of mine with thier yearly themed christmas card photos and regularly working with Nate at photoshoots as well as our podcast. So I…

Alamo City Comiccon 2018

Here are my portraits I captured at ACCC 2018, thanks to all the amazing cosplayers who let me capture them.