Brian and Aleida’s fall wedding

Brian and Aleida’s beautiful wedding was well timed in fall of 2016. It’s important to take in to consideration the time of sunset when planning your wedding day timeline. If you get married too early in the day it may be uncomfortably hot, or blindingly sunny, the meal may be served too early or you’ll have to make your guests wait for their food. My best advice is to look up the sunset time for your wedding date. Time it so that picture time (family, wedding party, and then bride and groom) starts atleast 1 hour before sunset assuming you have a good view of the horizon, if you only have shade, high trees, or buildings move it earlier than 1 hour from sunset. Thankfully with Brian and Aleida’s portraits the timing was perfect. It felt great outside and it looked wonderful with the sun setting, giving us the warm “golden” hour lighting.

If this means pictures will be taken during a later dinner time consider serving the meal when the guests arrive to the reception spot immediately after leaving the ceremony. There plenty of ways to arrange your wedding day so that multiple things are happening at a time that will not only allow you to get the best pictures / video possible but also keep your guests happy and having a good time.

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