Jessica and Elissa’s Senior Surprise

This shoot was a very special one, it was actually put together as a surprise by one of the girls mentors at her volunteer organization. She raised funds in order to pay a professional makeup artist and photographer in order to give these girls a day they’d never forget! When the original photographer contacted me about needing to find a replacement (she had to deliver a baby that same day) I was so excited and honored to be the luckiest photographer in the whole city to do this. The girls had never had anything like this done for them and you could see their glow the whole time!

These two girls are amazing, they are both graduating High School the same year thanks to all┬átheir hard work and devotion. Currently they are both enrolled in college and pursuing their dreams like no other young person I’ve ever met before.

The weather had taken a turn for the worse that day and rained all morning even up to our shoot time so I decided to go to a covered location, we shot there and went to our second location. God answered my prayer like He always does and the rain stopped right when we arrived and continued right when we finished (this has happened multiple times and I give Jesus credit for that).

I could not be happier with the resulting photos, the girls were great in front of the camera and we got to explore their personalities and I got to know them better which I always enjoy.



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