Julia’s Maternity mini

Decided to take an evening trip to the Julia Yates park for some quick maternity pictures of my wife. For some reason I have not taken any pictures of her new belly and we only have 5 weeks to go and that is just not ok!

Julia plans on being a Doula sometime in the future and because of that I’ve been exposed to way more birth videos, baby knowledge, and pregnancy stuff than any man should know. That combined with this third baby on the way is why I think birth and pregnancy is actually an amazing and beautifuI thing and not soemthing scary. I’ve always loved photographing pregnancy and babies because they are such joyful and special times that pass quickly with time.  Luckily for my wife, she married  someone who loves to capture those special moments!

Azariah Canaan Grove is due March 28th and his 2 sisters can’t wait to meet him!

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