Kayla’s Underwater Adventure

As you may have read in the previous post I rented an underwater rig from a local photographer Jose Charo. Not knowing when I’d do this again I figured I’d get the most out of this experience and photograph another person right after I finished the first shoot (Calisa’s underwater maternity). I contacted my friend Kayla, knowing she has a history of dance, performance, and understands the creative aspect of posing and photography as well. Turns out she was a great choice for this project as she grew up in Florida and is a comfortable swimmer underwater.

Kayla also owns a costume business named Once Upon a Party in New Braunfels so I was  excited to see what costume she could come up with for this. Again I was not disappointed as she had a beautiful angelic gown with long wing-sleeves. She performed great underwater and we quickly learned that dresses can be difficult to work with underwater!

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