Langford wedding

Kristal has been a long time friend of mine who’s always promised to use me for her wedding. Well the day finally came! And to add to the awesomeness of the day she booked Chapel Dulcinea, a beautiful open air, hill top venue south of Austin. It was a small, short, and simple wedding but the one thing Kristal was adamant on was a good photographer and having that photographer be me. What a great feeling when your fans only want you.

When coming up with ideas for the bride and groom portraits I remembered that the groom served in the Marines and that he had a few guns. Come to find out he was in theĀ  special operations command and now works at a gun shop so he has quite a collection! He was all too happy to bring some of his favoritres. I’m always trying to find out more about my clients in order to make their pictures more personalized and fun so I asked if they wanted to incorporate guns for a few fun pictures and the result came out better than I could have imagined! I’m so happy Kristal has found an amazing guy and their unique love was so real and visible.

See their dance-entrance!

Langford Wedding procession dance from Daniel Grove on Vimeo.

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