The Lussier family bluebonnet portraits

The Lussiers and the Groves go way back. Way back to when I was 2 but looked like a 4 year old, Rachel (the mother here) took care of my in the children’s ministry at church. When Mr. Lussier saw me back then he said “I’ve got to have him in my karate class!”. Little did we know about 10 years later I would be starting a 7 year adventure in one of the loves of my life – martial arts. I grew up with the older siblings of this family (not in the photoshoot due to scheduling conflicts) in karate class as well as church. So many great memories and I’m pretty confident that Rachel with her beautiful hair and amazing impact in my early life is why my brother and I have always thought red hair is awesome.

I’ve been dreaming of doing a photoshoot of this awesome family and the 7 kids and finally had a chance to get atleast some of them for a quick shoot before the bluebonnets die. I’ve even spoken to the older ones about doing a music video as they are all very musically gifted. Maybe next time we can get the whole gang together.


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  1. Daniel is such a joy to work with and he is so patient, even with wild children like mine!! I would recommend him, and do, to everyone that I know needs photos. He is very gifted at what he does.

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