Miles and Rachael’s Engagement

Miles and Rachael are such a sweet and down to Earth couple. Being around them is so fun and relaxing, they were a breeze to work with. They acquired me as the lucky photographer of their big day coming up on November 22nd and also purchased an engagement and bridal session along with it. The couple wanted to use their current home by the river in New Braunfels for the setting of their engagement photos and it was such a hidden treasure!

Beautiful pecan trees shaded a perfect green lawn (thanks to Miles expert landscaping skills) and part of the river flowed behind us. This location was unique and personal, everything that I want for a photo location! Next up is Rachael’s bridal shoot and I can’t wait!

“Daniel you were amazing although I was running fashionably late and we were trying to beat the sunset. You were so patient! You helped to calm my fiancés nerves. For a totally impromptu place that you had never seen before (our back yard), your creative mind completely took over! You saw a vision, our vision, and you put it in a photograph. Well many photographs. We felt Comfortable, we could be ourselves which is important for an engagement shoot or any shoot for that matter. I am extremely impressed with how the photos turned out and how quickly you got the pictures back to us! I can’t wait to see what you do with bridal portraits and the wedding! We are extremely happy with our choice photographer. I see us having many more family, baby, special occasion, photography sessions with you. I feel we gained a new friend as well. Thank you and God Bless!”


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  1. Your amazing Daniel! Such kind words.You did such an amazing job! We both felt so comfortable with you and we r so happy you were able to capture these photos in such a special place for us.

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