Rachelle’s bridal portraits at Milltown Historic District New Braunfels

Rachelle booked me to be at her side 3 hours before the ceremony began. This not only allowed me to get plenty of preparation, decoration, as well as some fun bridesmaid photos but we still had free time left over! So I suggested we do some bridal portraits. She had a very expensive dress on, as you can see, and it definitely merited some quality photos of her in it. She was more than happy to go along with my idea! It was hot outside so we didn’t take too long and stayed in the shade when possible. I think it’s safe to say she’s glad she got these pictures of her looking great in such an amazing dress.

Depending on your location and time of day reserving 15-30 minutes before your ceremony for bridal portraits is a great idea! Always consult with your photographer when making your wedding timeline.

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