Robbie and Lauras pre-wedding session

Every now and then I come across a couple who really thinks outside of the box. They defy tradition and trends in order to have the wedding that they want. This is one of those special couples. In order to get the pictures that they wanted, Robbie and Laura decided to schedule their portrait session at their venue a week ahead of their wedding date! Some couples decide to do a first look and bride + groom pictures before their wedding even starts but these guys took it to a whole new level!

Doing their pictures before their wedding date allowed them to take their time, to test run their outfit, makeup , and hair. It also allowed us to not be rushed during the picture taking time. We could explore and even change locations all while staying relaxed and having a fun time.

Robbie is in the Army and Laura is a special education teacher and we discovered a shared love for Battlestar Galactica! The story behind the Starbucks cup picture is simple this: Robbie went to Starbucks that morning and requested “bride” and “groom” be written on the cups. When he received the drinks he found “Brian” and “Drew” written. Got to love Starbucks spelling!

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