Rusty and TJ’s creative anniversary

I met TJ and Rusty through an old friend I made in college who’s been a fan of my work ever since. She told TJ that I did “nerdy photography” which is completely accurate and I take it as a great compliment. We talked through emails about doing something fun for their 5 year anniversary of marriage and we settled on Dr. Who!

Now, I consider myself to be a huge nerd but somehow I’ve never had the opportunity or experience of watching Dr. Who so doing research for this was fun and I can see that it is a deep and engaging show.

Luckily I had just scouted out a new area for me and they thought it would be fitting given the theme so we did some traditional photos at te B&B they were staying at and then, in costume, had some nerdy fun adventuring up and down Blanco road.

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