San Japan 2017 Cosplay Photos

Wow this year was on a whole new level! San Japan in 2016 was my very first cosplay convention to attend and honestly I didn’t know what to expect as far as photography was concerned but had a great time. This year and 3 conventions later I figured out a way to get the best photos with minimal effort and here are the results!

Arielle as Bowser, Carly as Dr. Holtzmann (Ghostbuster), Odi as Moana

Tierney  Savage as

Ghiselle Giraldo as 2B

Stephanie Stark as Emilia

Gina as Saber Alter, Brian as Berserker

Ricky Mendoza Jr. as Revan
Elisa as Bastilla and Anthony Edwards as Red Sith
Ray Cordero as Blue Jedi

Marco Bernal as Corvo

Jessi Arntz as Selene

Kimberley Cheyenne as Mercy, Brandi Farell as McCree

Krystal Medellin as Harlequin/

Nick West and Doris Kramer as Titans

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