Trinity Martial Arts

My brother and I started Soryu Karate under Jesse Lussier in ’98 and it instantly became a big part of our lives. We made so many friends, memories, and skills that it’s hard to imagine life without it all happening the way it did. I quit during my brown belt to pursue music ministry with my church in High School but my brother continued on with his dream of teaching and having his own dojo.

Just yesterday I got notice on facebook that the Grand Master of Soryu Karate was going to be present at my brothers karate school and decided I could not miss it again! My brother is the teacher and owner of Trinity Martial Arts in our hometown of New Braunfels, Texas. After teaching karate at ENAACT (a homeschool coop program) he began teaching on his own in 2009. His school focuses on character building, self control, and self defense.

Now, for a little history: In the late 50’s Michio Koyasu founded the martial art style of So-Ryo and among many others taught Takamichi and Joe Alverado. Joe Alverado brought So-Ryu to Texas for the first time. But with Michio Koyaso’s passing Takamichi is now the Grand Master¬†martial art style. Recently Gabriel was able to meet with Takamichi and has since begun returning what he teaches to the original roots of style with tradition, and application.

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