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In 2015 I began using a revolutionary service called Pass to get clients their photos. Pass is simply an online gallery for individual photoshoots or events. This method of delivering photos is the new standard for professional photographers in this new digital age. No longer will you have to wait for me to ship you a disc and for the mail man to deliver it to you. You don’t need to worry about misplaced packages or loosing your disc or it getting scratched and damaged. And with your personal gallery URL you can quickly and easily share your gallery for all to see on any device – computer or mobile. Best of all your photos are guaranteed to be online and secure for 10 years and you can download them or order professional prints at any time!

In summary, here’s why Pass is awesome:

1. Your images are accessible online from anywhere for 10 years.
2. You can download images anytime you want
3. Order beautiful prints at any time
4. Share your gallery or individual images easily (works on mobile too!)
5. Mark favorites and have your guests sign an online guest book
6. Pass has a mobile app for viewing and downloading images also

Click on a link below to see real examples of client galleries:

Wedding 1

Wedding 2



Once you receive your gallery web link you will have access to all the finished digital images you paid for in your package and you can begin downloading them to your computer or your mobile device through the Pass mobile app. Because galleries contain many images your images will be downloaded as a single ZIP file from which you can later extract all of your images in to a normal folder of your choice. ZIP files are the standard for file compression and management when dealing with large amounts of files at once. You can alternatively download individual images one at a time if you only want a few specific images and not the entire collection.

If you are using the Pass mobile app you can choose to have your images made “available for offline viewing” which downloads them to your phones internal memory and internet will no longer be required to view those photos. If your gallery contains multiple collections (such as one for ceremony, one for portraits, and another for reception) these individual collections will be downloaded as individual ZIP files.

Step by step instructions for downloading all images at once

1. Go to the menu (here you can also see other collections if you have any).

Pass guide1

2. Click login.

Pass guide1

3. Create a new account if you don’t have one, login with an existing account.

Pass guide1

4. Click Download Photos.

Pass guide1

5. Select which collections you want to download. These may be large so connect with an internet wire if possible.

Pass guide1

6. Wait for the download to be prepared. Depending on the amount of images this may take a while or just a minute.

Pass guide1

7. Click to download the prepared collections. Once downloaded use windows or another program to open the ZIP file and extract the images to wherever you want them.

Pass guide1

Step by step instructions for downloading individual images

1. Open the gallery and find the image you want to download and click on that image.

Pass guide download 1

2. Once the image appears in large view, click on DOWNLOAD along the top.

Pass guide download 2

3. Login or create a login if you do not have one yet. Creating a login is free and will not send you spam emails. It only allows you to download images, mark images as favorites, and order prints.

Pass guide download 3

4. Logging in with your email and password looks like this.

Pass guide download 4

5. Once logged in you can download this individual image or download all the photos in the current collection.

Pass guide download 5

6. The image should download automatically

Pass guide download 6

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